i wanted to upload a recording of some primordial spring sounds but this blog won’t let me.

so instead, this:

you could go take a drive down this rural road outside Nogojiwanong….down 3rd Line Douro off Centre Rd. heading away from this place. Even with your windows up you would be able to hear the sound that will make you stop, put your window down, pull to the side, shut your daaban off and get lost in it.

the layered, eerily comforting sounds of frogs – leopard, chorus, and spring peepers.

you could go do this at night so it is only you, the dark, these sounds, their vibrations, and the wide open sky. you could go with your lover and set your seats back; get lost in the ancient calling of life in mud and frigid waters; get lost in these echoes and imagine your ancestors listening to these same sounds, listening to them with their lover. you could do that and lay there, nothing but the dark, omakakiig sounds, and the inhale and exhale of the one beside you. or, the one you wished was beside you.

or maybe, you and all this anishinaabe life in spring.

you could do this pretty much anywhere in anishinaabewaki. it’s spearing season, too. you could go out there on the water and before the gigoonh start giving themselves to you, you could sit there in the coming night and take these ones in. these ones are our relatives. i’m sure they’d love the visit and to know how loved they are.