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Month: July, 2015

winter home, summer home, fall and spring

anishinaabe (on-the-move-) life IS anisinaabe life

Hustle Hard for Two-Spirited and Queer Indigenous Youth

some concrete actions you can take to ensure two-spirited and queer youth have safe and accountable space

our bodies

we talk about bodies.

let’s talk about ours.

if i were you
you were i
to here
walking along
these cobble stones heated by the long day loving of giizis
this hard crusted snow moon lighting snow floors with long, shadows of trees, our friends
these nights far away from a nokomis on a lake where the only thing that shines is jack, star, pickerel eyes, us wound up in each other

even candle-light
and giigoonhsag
or the best cut of venison
(or worst cut in stew with parsnips)
with garden veggies
chased with ziisaabaakode
and sweaty panting.

and, even

what about the asemaa laid?
the story prayed?

what about our
brown-faded bodies
still here,


i miss
sharing a smoke
being buzzed
with a friend,
reading poetry
out loud
(in bed

i miss
in love.


On Identity and Integrity in Indian Country

The last week has been rife with commentary and response in social media on the re-emergence of facts and details of Andrea Smith’s false portrayals in being Cherokee. This article is the latest and beautifully grounded in Indigenous intellectual tradition, in my opinion. It is thoughtful, calm, considerate of multiple positions, and grounded in issues relevant to the well-being of Indigenous peoples and Nations…issues that are attended, in part, through academia. It seeks to generate respectful dialogue and reflection on this important matter despite lines of disagreement. It reflects the negative impacts people have been experiencing, including a focus on emotion and the heart–not just the intellect. It is hopeful for something better.

Have a read:

Indigenous Women Scholars Speak on Andrea Smith

Addendum, July 9, 2015

Andrea Smith Responds

Addendum, July 11, 2015

David Cornsilk, Cherokee Genealogist, Responds to Defenders of Andrea Smith

* July the 4th *

& things
to think
& feel


Ishkonigan is left over land. Otherwise known as reserve. The Cree word for this is similar (or so I’ve been told).


Old School Movie with Savvy Indians (that opens with the american anthem)


A Modern Story about Savvy Shoshone Sisters, Their Ancestral Land, Their Horses, and the United States of America

And this recent link, that is not without it’s problems, but it gives some hints about where things are at today:

Their Horses, Their Land, and Gold


No Borders, Only (Heart)Beats on days like today: Seattle, Washington


Honor the Earth (and how to do it)


Ijeoma Oluo and Her Thoughts on July 4th

Shrillex and Damien Marley

The Future

Happy Canada Day!

because two things i love are
high quality (or educational) free shit
giving gifts…

270 Years of Resistance

A National Film Board documentary
by Abenaki filmmaker, Alanis Obomsawin

Truth and Reconciliation
A Storybook with Recommendations
by the Government of Canada


Zoe Todd and Others Read the Story Out Loud
For Those Who Enjoy The Sound Of Life

Rick Harp, Margaret Atwood et. al. Build a Freedom Road
Acts of Love/Resistance/Subversion/Reconciliation by The People

Addendum July 8, 2015

Make Your Patriot Love Truer: Read the Truth and Reconciliation Report