so many pockets

purse pocket
(all of them)
hoodie pocket
blue zip up sweater pocket
black zip up sweater pocket
grey zip up sweat pocket
new jacket pocket
old jacket pocket
book bag pocket
side car door pocket
car counsel (a kind of pocket, yes?)
side dresser table pocket, um pocket

recheck all the pockets

office desk

desk drawer

worry. panic. guilt.


it’s gone.

open closet. see black wool winter jacket hanging there. recall the morning it was cold and you threw it on to go bring ishkinii’ikawe akinomaagegamiking.

wool winter jacket pocket for the win!

asemaa pouch found.


be pulled by your feelings of relief. such relief. like reconnecting with a beloved gone astray. (either they have gone astray or you have gone astray). attachment. odd. not odd, at all. asemaa makes everything alright.

reconcile with the truth: it’s going to part ways with you at some point because one, you keep fake-losing it and two, you are so attached to it.

until that day comes, wear it well.