Anishinaabe Women Prevail, Again

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

Not everything is achieved en masse. Here, another example of Anishinaabe determination, persistence, and intelligence:

Algonquin Anishinaabe Woman Wins!

Reminds me of so many Anishinaabe who step forth independently in direct resistance against a power system in order to achieve something important for many:

Doug Williams and his bullfrog hunting case

Judy DaSilva and land and water protection in NW Ontario

Winona LaDuke and food sovereignty, land and water protection, and restoration of land-based economies

Some folks from other Nations:

Dr. Cindy Blackstock and challenging Canadian discrimination against First Nation children

Chief Theresa Spence and her fast as spiritual-political protest against Canada’s dishonouring of Treaty 9

Tanya Tagaq and her seal sovereignty resistance in a hostile settler social media climate

Patricia Kelly and her fight to fish again after 200 court appearances

Please post in the comments about any individuals you know who have gone to battle with a specific colonial power system in order to achieve something good for all of us. This is not to celebrate individuality as it is understood in the Western sense but rather to celebrate individuality in the Anishinaabeg sense and to affirm the power of the individual. And, of course, we know that the fires these people started were/are tended to by many in order to keep it going. It’s their spark and their fierce continuance in keeping it going that I want to recognize.