early in the morning

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

i kept thinking of mayingan amiinawaa waawaashkeshiwag last night. after seeing mayingan stalking one of two herds i had seen yesterday evening, i wondered if mayingan was able to eat and which one of these persons gave themselves up for that purpose.

early this morning after dropping my girl off for her out-of-town tournament, i decided to take a drive to see if there was any evidence of these relations. i didn’t make it where i thought the second herd might have been because i seen this one and was pretty  taken with just watching them. i decided not to keep going because i sensed that by watching them and whispering to them, i was being pretty annoying; they just wanted to eat in peace.

the early morning colours on this onaabani giizis paired with watching this group of persons running across the field, some with their big bushy white tails up, just took my breath away. this is the kind of TV show i could watch all day long, if circumstances  allowed it.