is this life even?

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

itinerary of one anishinaabe woman during this early makwa giizis:

i. learning about anishinaabeg restoration of cultural ways and food sovereignty and perseverance and joy and love and humour and being reminded that all problems faced by anishinaabeg can be solved through the culture

ii. reading excellent historical research about the anishinaabe clan system and preparing to hear a mississauga anishinaabe lecture on the subject

ii. preparing a co-presentation with an anishinaabe’aadizwin practitioner and thinker about being on the land, relationship with land, and anishinaabeg historical research

iii. getting to learn about what other anishinaabeg are up to in their work

iii. getting all the exquisite paraphernalia ready for teaching girls anishinaabe star knowledge and how to make maple sugar in a contemporary way and getting to visit with their fierce leader who is also an anangoonhs-ikawe (star(ry) woman)

iv. taking a big drink of mokijiwanibiish (spring water)


is this life even?

eya, it’s life even.


note: fellow good life makers that allow all this amazing to happen include Edna Manitowabi, Kevin Finney et. al., Barbara Wall, Heidi Bohacker, Gidigaa Migizi Doug Williams, James Dumont, Alan Corbiere et. al., Michael Waasegiijig Price and other starry Anishinaabeg, Biskakone Greg Johnson, Lynzii Taibossigai, Dan Longboat, and Lesley Belleau. collectively, we constellate shine star brilliant. we are a bright, shiny, brilliant constellation. howah.