on zhaaganaashiiwibii’ige

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

ready to give up for the cold marrow day, early-afternoon sopping light. frustrated with linear english sentences that go no where in circles, go not even sacred and not one drop of coffee left in my favourite cup and there—


darling, when did you arrive from your perch in the other room, get comfortable, fall asleep here along side me on this dirt road?


little person come to rest by me of his own volition.

me here in torturous, writer state emanating torturous state. neurosis. even i don’t want to be with me. but there—
there you are breathing. and sleeping.

dreaming. writing dream state reverie, cat life, in black and white and me, in perpetua:

with this kind of zaagidewin, manidoo—with this kind of calm and peace, aabwaa animaa one more sentence

one more tender tugging, nudging, drawing out
one more sentence.

and, one more.


translation in order of appearance:

writing in english
warm essence/feeling/spirit