dagwaagig (in the fall): rainy days

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

how smoke
and humid days
make linger:

mid-afternoon fire
a wood burning
for cajoling junk into ether
running beneath lush forest canopy
laughing downpours

a plant called maashkodewaashk
(sage) from a garden friend
liberated from starbucks landscaping
on spadina
or the front yard of an unconscientious settler;
a very public side-of-the-road
road allotment, a secret because
nobody knows what it is
give-away baggage on wafts
of potent power. a smudge.

and a stick.
a joss stick. agarbatti.
an offering of sweet, generous
long, on-coloured limbs
highlighted in tree-filtered light
tangled in freshly washed,
beautifully worn
second hand sheets
a making lust floats
around a tiny burning ember
a thin tendril,
nag champa,
to lovingly fill
untended spaces