red through green

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

bouncing. or, gliding. gently floating through lush day-after rain storm green forest my backyard, nswi waawaashkeshiwag. it’s been years since i knew your back, long and lean, muscles undulating as you move across our lands hauling life, walking for it. to trace a fingertip there. it’s been years and still you catch me off guard, take my breath away, the unexpected red of your late spring coat bouncing gliding jumping across rivers and golden rod bushes walking down trails packed through tall grasses through lush day-after rain storm green forest my backyard. the smells of excited life exploding and expiring, spent, hang in the air. a sensual muggy afternoon. a flowering bush. fresh cut grass. wild grass limp with the weight of humidity, perfume, love and brilliance. water saturated soil seeping into our pores, beneath our nails clinging to this life. i caught a glimpse of you in the forest at twilight and you took my breath away.

note: nswi waawaashkeshiwag is three deer