good things come when you learn your language. or, the best grilled cheese sandwich ever made by a mother in the history of mothers making grilled cheese sandwiches

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

me, walking into the livingroom, yelling: nibaakade! nibaakade!

teen, sprawled on couch, face in machine, looks up with a big smile: i’m hungry, too!

me, thrilled that she knew what i said: ho-layl just for that i’ll def make you something.

teen: really?

me: hellz, yea. good things come to those who learn their maternal ancestral languages. *proceeds to make something to eat. minutes pass.* wow. this is the best grilled cheese sandwich i’ve ever made! ever luck you. see how that works? you learn your language and good things really do happen. this is so beautiful i won’t even cut it so you can see how perfect it is.

teen: *comes to table* wow. this IS the best grilled cheese sandwich. *takes a bite* MOM! it is! look at this! *takes a bite and slowly pulls the stretchy, melted cheese away from the sandwich* it’s so good i don’t want it to ever end!

me: ah-ha! see. you keep learning your language, more of that good stuff is going to happen to you!