wee gifts

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

just got in from a walk where much of my time was spent standing on a trail gazing into the eyes of a waawaashkeshi and watching the tail of another sway back and forth.

their tails are so elegant. their eyes–deep, dark, pools of kind.

coming round the bend though, just before meeting those deer (and of course, a bunny) was pichi–a big, fat, bright breasted one–that flew into a bush. quick as a whip it flew out and onto another branch, surprisingly low, and perched by wisaaswaan–her nest. it was the colour of sun-bleached straw and looked soft. just as swiftly, she lowered her beak down and BOOP! up popped a little, light coloured baby head with a wide open beak and slooooop–down went that worm!

wormy worm.

wee gifts can happen fast.