what’s good nongom

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

a “bravo!” from my writing guru, about a bit of writing. finally. that said, a bravo for fettucine alfredo primavera when you’ve been serving kraft mac n’ cheese is not that much to be happy about. it’s like applauding Spam after all you’ve been served is hotdog water. but still, aapidjii nendam over here. honestly, if i can ever write like some of the women scholars i read, i’ll leave this world a happy ikawe.

i totally put down some tobacco before pulling out the swiss army knife and snagging some white and purple lilacs from some bushes in front of my office. i was a bit worried about university security or nosey passers-by but then was like wtf, this is my home and if i wanna get momentarily high on some damn settler lilacs…gonna.

i used the phrase “fist-pump” in an academic article submission, as in “fist-bumping my female ancestors” but then at the last minute, took it out. i feel angsty about wanting to and then not following through but for a few hours, it felt pretty fine to have it there.

“misty mountain hop.” loud. windows down. muggy weather. rolling into the girls uppity school yard at end of day. audi-momz didn’t know what hit’em.

back to lilacs. they’re pretty and smell lovely. they go good with Led Zeppelin on a friday.

so do swear words during flower moon.

and lilacs. again. crushed indigo purple with perwinkle centers, dimpled. set in mokijiwaniibiish with a bit of naase’igan.

imagine smelling good and having a periwinkle center with dimples and drinking up spring water that has a bit of maple sugar in it. mmmm. that’s what’s good.

Note: flower moon = May