it is everything

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy


putting it down, is everything
how else to keep ourselves humble
bowed to life, bimaadiziwin
bending close to aki, every ishkigiizhigad
how else to stay focussed on what matters
the directions, the manidooyag that live their
with their families
the gifts that live there

never bowed to nothing
except life itself
Anishinaabe life,
and do so with reverence
gratitude, humility, meekness

a cedar tree leaning over
the White River
in four-day drizzle, thunder and mist

giizhigaatigoog leaning over
raised up in dewy air

i want to be that one

tall, graceful, limber, strong
sweet smelling, beckoning
come here, love

my first
asemaa mashkimodens

my first
tobacco pouch
smells like
brained tan deer hide
smells like
smells like
manoomin in bloom
smells like real
smells like life
smells like soft
velvet, suede
smells like a sugar bush poem
written from an open heart
playful hips
from love

a love poem

my first
asemaa mashkimodens
smells like a gift
for a little baby
a little baby-girl
a ricing family baby-girl