the latest in my research

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

in the ‘about’ section of ‘anishinaabewiziwin’ i talk about how i started this blog in 2012 as a way to resolve my angst and anxiety with writing—a much needed skill given i am doing graduate studies. thanks to the encouragement and support of my research committee; family, friends and colleagues; and, many Anishinaabeg throughout Anishinaabe’aki who are invested in maadjiimaadziwin–keeping the life-line going, this is where things are at today:

i have a ways to go in my writing skills, which I’ve learned is an on-going life process, but I have excellent teachers and mentors in this research in both the western and anishinaabe academy. it’s a good time to be engaged in gikendaasowin–the art of coming to know, Anishinaabe style. if you were thinking about doing research within the formal education system, that is important to Anishinaabeg using our methods, now is the time.

ps – it’s  a tough world to navigate, especially if you come from a working class family, but with a constellation of people operating in a similar terrain of research goals, methodologies, work ethic, and sense of what it takes to get the work done, it can be done.

pss – this may be considered my first entry for a new blog category called “Dissertation Meta-Text”

hiy hiy manidooyag!