NASA, Mars, and Waynaboozhoo

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

I read this article and learned about one of NASA’s scientific signifiers of life. I thought, Hmmm, bogit, eh?  Then I thought NASA and big science, big tech, big money, big visions, big plans, big wigs, big words, big research, big news. Again I thought, bogit. I laughed out loud. Waynaboozhoo strikes again! I thought.


bogit = fart or er, methane burp

ADDENDUM: In conversation with a friend, Keith Montreuil (Alderville First Nation) who is a fellow sound-based method learner, and someone who is actually learning it well (see Helen Roy’s work at, I asked him to share his insights about the spelling for this word and the meaning of the sounds. This is what he shared:

aboo’awa’agi’adi / boogidi = s/he passes gas

broken down from the end- soundbased style:

i – a seen effort is apparent of the inner effort happening (last sound speaks of “wiin” (3rd person) being perfoming the action.

adi – an action is seen done with effort apparent

agi – a “cutting off” action is occuring [grouping + seperating (g) in seen effort (i)]

awa – of a body (w) [note from author: <<this is a ‘w’ coming up as wordpress icon.] seen visibly (a)

aboo – “a drastic change at a location” [seen at a location (b) the unseen process with tiny/small pieces/bits (oo)]

aboowagidi – s/he passes gas (heard as “boogidi” when spoken).


NASA has their science and Anishinaabeg have ours. For more on the Anishinaabe scientist, see: