Pottawatomi Food A Poem

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

Our Menu


Elk chorizo and egg burritos
Granola and yogurts
Puffed wild rice cereal
Deep fried squash french toast
Squash muffins
Squash doughnuts
Maple caramel sauce
Watermelon/apple juice


Buffalo hot dogs
Corn bread buns
Bbq quail
Squash soup
Wild rice stuffed acorn squash
Pizza with venison sausage
Salad with a pomegranate balsamic


5 spiced duck
Bake and cured salmon
Bean soup
Roasted red skin potatoes
Sweet potato pie
Pickled squash
Shaved squash and green beans


Paw paw ice cream
Watermelon sorbet
Squash cheese cake
Watermelon soda
Maple bacon candies
Deep fried maple leafs

* This exquisite menu, posted to a Facebook event, was planned and prepared by Angus Ogilvie and Jillian Collins as a Pottawatomi harvest celebration and feast held at Jijaak Foundation, a non-profit organization of Gun Lake Tribe (http://www.jijak.org/Jijak_Foundation/Bozho_Jayek.html). Kevin Finney, Executive Director of Jijaak Foundation, hosted an amazing day of activities centering around Pottawatomi food sovereignty imbued with good old Jijaak fun and humour. Elders taught, babies, kidlets, and tweens played hard and some napped in the glow of the most majestic forest, women and men of all ages took steps to persist an old maandamin dance and song, and many of us learned so much today. Yebishawn OldShield shared with us the story of how she, with the help of her uncle Charlie’s knowledge on gardening, and a number of volunteers which included a core group of about three or four people, worked the gardens with heart, commitment, and hard work. Much of the food served at this festival was made from their many flourishing gardens at Jijaak. If there was ever a perfect dagwaagi (autumn) day in terms of place, people, spirit, and energy this harvest festival was it. Chi amiigawech akina agwaya for envisioning the good life; for sharing it, growing it, and proliferating it outward. I smell of fire smoke; my cheeks are burning from the wind, sunshine, and smiles; and, I’m left with anticipation that maybe next dagwaagi will be my year for deep fried maple leaves….