by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

“For a star to be born,
there is one thing that
must happen: a gaseous
nebulae must collapse.

So collapse.
This is not your

This is your birth.”


*This was taken from Facebook. I did a search for n.t. and came up with a news reporter who is also on Facebook however she doesn’t seem to be the one who wrote this. More searching led me to a tumblr site, “quintessence” with a few names nhixxie, n.t., and astrasperas (another tumblr site). Anyhow, seems astrasperas posted this quote (which seemed to be a Martha Stewart-esque kind of print hanging on cardstock on a white brick wall) which was both without quotations and author and thereafter n.t., who seems to be the creator of “quintessence” and themselves a poet (they post poetry, not in quotations, with their initials), seems to have re-postd it to their tumblr, in quotes. so essentially, n.t. (who seems to be a poet) is a quoter of this poem, not the poet.