manoomin giizis

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

she looks like manoomin
thin, curved in wind
the colour of niibin,
full and long
still on the stalk
in water

she looks refreshing
(after sweating
with a lover
or a sweat
with others,
in prayer)

she looks
like miin giizis
is over
and so, too
this last juicy berry
rolling around
on my tongue

a distance,
hello and goodbye
to glowing green
settling down
for the night
in dew & sprinkler-
drenched lawn

she looks like
home, homesick
and my bundle
flying all shimmery
into the future

a sly, playful
sideways smile
in gold and champagne
harvest and full,
preparing to burst
preparing to burst

most of her
in the dark,
round and full
most of her, dark