the first (anishinaabe) supper

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

minobimaadizwin (the good life) is having access to healthy food, having access to healthy anishinaabe miijim (food).

anishinaabe miijim, it’s also mashkiki (medicine).

what  better smell than that of a lake boiling on top of your stove?
the smells of a north western ontario lake coming from manoomin, boiling in my kitchen.

setting up shop in a new place requires such ceremony.

steam and fragrance
rise up
from iridescent bubbles.

a different kind of smudge.


the first supper

atikameg (whitefish, smoked)

manoomin (rice)
miinan (blueberries)
miskwamin (raspberries)
ziigamide (maple syrup)