i lost my friend and found

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

i was prepared to make a new one. i was even planning on starting today, this being how far along i was in my grieving process of losing my friend. it had been about eight nine ten days since i last saw him and i looked everywhere.

i mean e v e r y w h e r e.


he was gone.

then today, out of nowhere and while just on the other side of grief and loss i found him, in my pocket, the pocket of my navy-blue hoodie, the pocket of a hoodie i hadn’t worn for eight nine ten days or so. there he was all plumpish and bulky. i found him and he made me laugh right out loud.

me here in my living room alone, laughing from relief; me here having to take a seat and relish the moment. recover from the joy and grief. me here looking at my friend, smiling.

geez friend, why’d you go and do that? i thought i lost you, again.                      and holay, didn’t realize how worn you are. just all weary looking. and loved. well, loved. i missed you. so happyhappy to have you back. amiigawech.



tobacco pouch/bag

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