April is NaPoWriMo (nishwaaswi giizhigad)

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

get in line

polishes nails  ritualistically   learned in beauty schools:     sleepovers where girlfriends taught each other how to file in one direction (prevent breakage)          the living room where transgender-ing cousin taught, “mix it up good first, like this” & proceeded to roll a roundish bottle between both hands back&forthback&forthback&forth      it worked beautifully  (still does)   then, the modeling orientation instructor demonstrated one swipe down the middle one swipe down the right one swipe down the left “see how perfectly it covers?”     polishes nails ritualistically, gets in line, (strives) to be beautiful          last month, too, got in line: rolled it, swiped it   luminescent teal beautifies nails   polished with get in line (luminescent teal) for one experimental purpose: to be worn off, down, grown out  worked to tiny, ragged, imperfect cheap blots of get in line luminescent teal on growing healthy nails, strong white free edge and pale white half moons rising from dark brown cuticles look amazing with anishinaabe skin   nails polished in chipped luminescent teal won’t get in line