Happy International Women’s Day

by waaseyaa'sin Christine Sy

Happy International Women’s Day

In the spirit of recognizing International Woman’s Day I wanted to post this interesting article about the some pretty brilliant women scientists whose work we’ve likely heard about but only vis-a-vis the names of men who took credit for their work. All I have to say is it’s a good thing that in Anishinaabe country, Anishinaabeniniwag NEVER take credit for successes not wholly theirs and ALWAYS acknowledge the Anishinaabe women who influence their lives. No doubt, with the progressive spirits of Anishinaabeniniwag, we be decolonized by minokimiing (next season; spring)!

Chi amiigawech to the most brilliant, hard-working, and dedicated scientist I know, my friend Joanna Z. who passed this article to me and piqued my interest with the content about the astronomers. While I wish to acknowledge Valentina Tereshkova, Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, Maria Mitchell, and Caroline Herschel for their contributions to scientific knowledge, particularly astronomy, all I have to say is this, chi amiigawech to Giizhigo Ikawe. In Anishinaabe aki, she was the first astronomer; the first to have all the knowledge about astronomy (akin to having a PhD, yes?); and, she was the first to be in outer space. She was also the first to do something that these other women did not do. But that’s an important story for another time. 


Happy International Women’s Day! Indigenous Women, too!