Super Bowl MMMM (x a million)

by waaseyaa'sin christine sy

oooooo tibi giizis
cradled deep and low
waning slow
this aanshin giizis

great tilt and silver
a sliver hanging light
holding this night
heaving with snow

ooooo nokomis
cradled deep and low
anishinaabe super bowl
four billion years old

hiy! hiy!

tibi giizis – night sun; moon
nokomis – grandmother, kinship term for tibi giizis
aanshin giizis – turning around moon; reference to makwa (bear) turning around in her den preparing to give birth; February

*chi amiigawech to gichi piitzijig Edna Manitowabi and Doug Williams for teaching my daughter and me about this moon cycle and her meanings through language and ceremony. it is everything.

1) In North America, today is widely known as NFL Super Bowl XLVIII, a national football league known for utilizing imagery of Indigenous peoples, imagery that is racist and dehumanizing. Today, ahead of the Super Bowl game, the National Congress of American Indians released a video titled, “Proud To Be”. The video highlights all the preferred and dignified ways in which Indigenous peoples are known and simultaneously resists the racist name of one football team, the Washington R—–. This video was released through Indian Country Today Media at
2) In roman numerals, M is 1000.