by waaseyaa'sin christine sy


growing up, wiigwaasatig was always there. tall, slender, glowing, quiet, reliable, unpresuming, and crooked. i didn’t know wiigwaasatig was my best friend until one day, gone.

in my 20s, my confidantes were giizhikag. welcoming, graceful, soft, uplifting, comforting. always more pre-occupied with the sky than me and it was and has always been this reverence for creation above all where my trust and love for them dwells.

hmph. and then there was buddy during my mid-20s and early 30s. zhooniyaa mitig. fun, distracting, entertaining, easy come/easy go, a pain in the arse sometimes too. gave me focus. also deceiving, deceptive.

right out of nowhere, a comrade showed up in my mid-30s and is still with me. generous and always there, solid, upright, truthful, unwavering (especially in my embrace). fascinating fascinating from afar & close up. ininaatig.


mitigoog – trees

wiigwaasatig – birchtree

giizhigag – cedars

zhooniyaa – money

mitig – tree

ininaatig – man-tree, otherwise known as sugar maple

waganek – bark